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Introducing our Discovery Bundle, meticulously crafted to provide your furry friend with endless hours of joy and nourishment. Each product in this bundle is carefully selected to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality, promising a delightful experience for your rabbit.

- Dried Papaya Stalk: Rich in essential nutrients and fiber, sourced from premium quality papaya, ensuring a healthy and delicious treat for your rabbit.
- Dandelion Roots: Naturally harvested dandelion roots, packed with vitamins and minerals, offering a flavorful and nutritious addition to your rabbit's diet.
- Vitamin C Boost: Formulated specifically for rabbits, this supplement provides a crucial boost of Vitamin C to support their overall health and immune system.
- Flower and Herb Salad: A delightful blend of aromatic flowers and herbs, carefully selected for their safety and nutritional benefits, promoting digestive health and mental stimulation.
- Small Willow Ball: Handcrafted from natural willow, this toy encourages chewing and play, while also serving as a safe outlet for your rabbit's natural instincts.
- Clouds Chewy Chews UK: Made from rabbit-safe materials, these chewy treats help to maintain dental health and alleviate boredom, keeping your rabbit entertained and happy.
- Ultimate Rabbit Forage Ball: A specially designed foraging toy filled with rabbit-friendly ingredients, stimulating natural behaviors and providing mental stimulation.

Every component of this deluxe bundle undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure it meets our stringent standards. We are committed to sourcing only the safest and most nutritious ingredients for your beloved pet, giving you peace of mind knowing that they are receiving the very best. Treat your rabbit to the ultimate enrichment experience with our premium bundle, crafted with love and dedication to their well-being.

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